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There is a game used helmet attributed to Brett Favre in the next Fall Premier Auction. In 2015 it was listed as a 1992 helmet - Favre's first year with the Packers. I put a post on GUU about it at the time with some photos as to why it could not be a 1992 helmet. I had stated that it was closer to a 1993 helmet - but there were still some issues in my opinion with it being a 1993 helmet as well. Here is the link to the original post at GUU.

The helmet has a tremendous amount of wear including several deep gouges on the front (resembles a helmet of a linebacker !), a very scratched up warning label, a damaged side stripe, blue and red transfer marks and other issues - none of which were visible in any photos of Favre in 1993 including the playoff game at Detroit. Additionally, Favre's helmet had Schutt side clips securing the facemask for the season while the auction listing helmet has Riddell side clips. All of these issues are dismissed by people that want to believe it was Favre's helmet. There are only two photos on SCP's site of the helmet.

Buying game used Packer helmets and game used helmets of Hall of Famers

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